The Story Of Skye - Charlie Lynam (clynam)

Skye has been the dominant Pride Male of The Western Pride, Umbabat Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger National Park, for a number of years. He has been the main attraction for eco tourists and locals alike. He managed to create a very stable pride system, made up of 3 young cubs, 3 sub-adult males and six lioness. There was very tight bonding  between Skye and all of the Pride members.  It's unusual that he still tolerated the young males as they are well above the age when they normally move off or get chased away from the pride. The last time he was seen and heard was on 7th June 2018, making his territorial claims, echoing across the bush. A hunt took place on 7th June. He was not supposed to have been hunted. He was declared a "High Value Pride male" for reasons of genealogy, Pride stability and as a tourist attraction. He has not been seen since the night of 7th June and those responsible for the hunt still emphatically deny that they shot Skye. Skye had a distinctive  "S"  shape patterned branding mark on his right rear rump. You can see it clearly on a few of the photographs. Despite the ease of identifying Skye, the Hunters have refused to show any photographic evidence of the shot animal's right hand rump and have declined requests for access to the skin.

This is a small collection of photos of Skye and his Pride over several  years.  Express permission is granted to use these photographs for Press Releases and editorials on the subject matter; they are not available for any form of commercial use. Don't forget to use the "Load More" button at the foot of the page as I think the best shots of him are the last I took. I am waiving any copyright on these images. They are a tribute to the  life of a stunning Pride male that will be sorely missed, especially by his Pride, who are now in grave danger with a young cub already killed by competing lions. 

Skye & His Pride